Wear Your Comfort at Park

Internationally recognised standards require that the authorised garment materials be made entirely of nylon or synthetic textiles for your safety and hygiene.

Why dress code?

Our amusement park has several rides to have fun on. Almost all of them involve motion or moving parts that require a special dress code to ensure your health and safety. For instance, like sarees, salwar, dupatta, churidar, shawls or scarves loose garments could get entangled and lead to potential harm to yourselves and others. In order to ensure that the water quality for all rides is maintained, we enforce a strict dress code.

What's allowed

T-shirts, shorts, Bermuda shorts, three-quarters and swimsuits are the appropriate attire for our water rides. 100% nylon or synthetic material makes up the authorised garment materials.

What's not allowed

Risky clothing for you! The following attire is not allowed for water rides because it poses a risk to your health and safety. Sarees, salwar, dupatta, formal pants, shirts, burkhas, shawls, scarves, school uniforms, jeans, three-fourths, cargoes, loose garments and anything other than the aforementioned list of permitted outfits.

Have a wonderful, enjoyable day ahead of you!